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Smartphones enable us to take pictures at any time and place, leading to an ever growing number of photos taken worldwide. So far, this huge amount of pictures isn’t resulting in increased sales for photo service businesses as the digital revolution not only comes along with opportunities, but also with a number of challenges.
Many different device types, operating system and browsers
A multitude of photos on different devices and cloud and cloud services
Disruptive changes in technology

These challenges result in a significant distraction of the retailer from the core business focus of promoting and selling great photo products. Also it is expensive and difficult to build and run own solutions for this specific business given constant technological changes.

So the mission for photo service providers is clear: Respond to these challenges by providing full flexibility for consumers to create personalized photo products across different devices, applying the same intuitive user experience and same strong features while offering access to the various cloud services consumers are using.

Sounds impossible? Get to know our solutions:

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Our Solution

Regardless whether you have your own production or use external fulfillment partners: Our complete and sophisticated e-commerce solution will connect you with your target groups.

Our Solution is


Our solution enables you to sell an unlimited variety of personalized photo and print products under your own brand. Our solution covers all relevant aspects from frontend to backend, offers beautiful design theme content and includes hosting and support. On top, it integrates payment providers and production tools. This complete package supports all relevant platforms from Web to downloadable apps for desktop & mobile devices and operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android).

Our Solution is

White Label

As a pure white label player we adapt our solution to your brand, look & feel, specific workflows and customization needs - making our expertise look like yours. We give you all the tools and open interfaces to adapt our solutions to your specific needs and to run successful marketing campaigns across different platforms totally independently from ip.labs. You also benefit from a powerful CMS to customize the web frontend. You determine the configuration of our solution matching your business’ needs which empowers you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Our Solution is


Our successful Cross (X) Concept is the only solution on the market which provides the same consistent user experience across Web, desktop and mobile apps on different operating systems. Powered by a common software core, it enables consumers to create their beautiful photo products across multiple platforms, setting no limits for users in time and place.

For example, consumers can start their creation on the train to work e.g. on the iPhone, continuing through lunch break via desktop and finishing it in the evening sitting on the couch using an Android tablet. The same intuitive user experience and the same strong features everytime!

The Cross Solution combines X-Web and downloadable X-Apps, which offers many advantages. Apps enable your consumers to work offline and give direct access to their pictures located on the device. This leads to higher loyalty and conversion. Additionally, apps increase your marketing effect by your presence in the App Store or Google Play Store.

But that’s not all - other advantages include:

Web & Apps

Same Strong Features

Work Across Platforms

Easy to Use & Powerful

Efficient and Cost Effective

Faster Time to Market

Faster Development

Central Campaign Management

Our Solution provides

Constant Innovation

A cooperation with ip.labs offers you strategic advantages and constant innovation. As we put all our developers’ brainpower into the same core of our Cross applications, all platforms profit from the additional features developed.It also enables us to add possible new operating systems or device types to the Cross family easily. So when engaging with us, we guarantee you won’t miss out on the next big thing. We actually see ourselves as nothing less than your life insurance in the photo service business for years to come.